Groepset Box Three Prime 9 Wide

€ 244,00

steeds perfect schakelen met de box groepsets 



  • • Box One Prime 9 Drivetrain Components
  • • Box Two Prime 9 Drivetrain Components
  • • Box Three Prime 9 Drivetrain Components



MaterialMaterialGlass Fiber / Nylon Composite, Steel, AluminumFinishMatte BlackHardwareHardened Alloy SteelCogs11 • 13 • 16 • 20 • 24 • 28 • 34 • 40 • 46

Our Box Three tier delivers many of the same capabilities of its more famous siblings yet it's built upon a simpler platform. Cassettes are accessible at 11-46T and fashioned without spiders. The derailleur exploits our Limited Slip clutch technology without the Tri-pack features. Shift easily with a comparable mechanism, although you'll forgo the hinged clamp and die-cast structure. And lastly, string it all together with a Prime 9 chain but without extravagant coatings. If you're looking to bring your 2/3 by bike into the 21st century, then level up with this group!